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For a while now, i was thinking about centralizing user authentication for my hosted services. Features, i was searching for were:

  • Basic Authetication with forewardAuth/Oauth/etc.
  • Webfrontend for user management (not just an ldap command line)
  • User Groups
  • Self hosted

I had a look at Authelia before. Unfortunatly Authelia only has Authentication providers for files and ldap. Which are both don’t provide a Webfrontend for usermanagement out of the box. There are forontends for ldap, but they are not built in and a hassle to set up.

A friend mentioned Authentik, so I had a look at it.


The setup I have is the following:

  • Virtual Server in the Cloud:
    • Traefik as a reverse proxy for my Services
    • Docker for hosting all my containers
    • Services like: Gitea, Paperlessngx, Nextcloud, codeserver .. in containers

I wanted to integrate authentik into this infrasturcture, by using the proxy provider from authentik and having it provide authentication with a traefik forward auth middleware.