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I was searching for a way to have a small blog website to post projects to and where i can commit the posts to GitHub.

What i found

After googeling, I found several repositories, with markedown files and example sites, which i later found out were all diffrent Themes for Jekyll. Next I found the GitHub documentation for Github pages, which also talked about Jekyll. That made me wanna try it. So i created a repository and started trying.

Getting started

First i tried, a default theme called hacker. It was okay but not what i was searching for. next I found this custom theme called Minimal Mistakes they had a very nice demo site, where they also posted their own posts, so i could really see it in action.

Custom Domain

I am hosting this website on Github Pages. This is awsome. But of course i wanted to use my own domain for this website. fortunatly I can do so. I just ad to set A and AAAA records for the root domain lholz.de and a CNAME for www.lholz.de. I am using Cloudflare for my DNS, so this was an almost instantanous change. Unfortunatly I still have to wait 24 hours to be able to activate HTTPS.

Testing Features

One of Minial Mistakes Blog Posts talks about adding videos anywhere in the text, by using this Liquid templateing code:

{% include video id="BBnomwpF_uY" provider="youtube" %}

In this case, i can embedd a video, from one of my favourite Youtubers Jeff Geerling, without complicated html code, which might breake the look and feel of this post.

Including Pictures, can be done, by uploading them into an assets folder, but I’m not really satisfied with that solution yet. I’ll see if I can find something better.


All in all, i am quite satisfied with this solution and it seems to be a far better option than Wordpress.

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